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Head tracker research for headphones and other tracking applications

Posted by Adrian Freed on December 6, 2006

If we had a small, light, mm-accurate absolute-position sensor head tracking would be easy. Three of these sensors arranged in a triangle would yield the position and orientation of the head. Unfortunately such a sensor is still a few years a away. The precision of the only affordable absolute position sensing technology, GPS is only meters not millimeters.

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Two against Three Pattern Picking example on the Charango

Posted by Adrian Freed on October 19, 2005

Most picking patterns are based on a heavy pulse on the same string (e.g. RL Burnside, Mance Lipscom), or alternating bass (Mississippi John Hurt, Travis etc.). Here is an alternative that can work well on Charango (or Ukulele) where there are less strings available for the bass.

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Music and Audio Technology Projects to Stir your Imagination

Posted by Adrian Freed on June 25, 1993


The following speculative projects were created to stimulate students into
designing with the tools and ideas of future technology. The overall puzzle is:
what is the driving force: technology or applications?

Video Game for the Blind

Assumption: The visual channel is central for successful entertainment