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CPU chips with integrated peripherals

Posted by Adrian Freed on December 29, 2008

THe old CPU/North Bridge/South Bridge/MAC/PHY is not going to cut it for multicore. More of the MAC/Endpoint functions will have to go on the die with the cores.

Here is a quick summary of chips with integrated I/O. One architectural question is whether to provide paths to DMA to memory (the old way) or just put short fifo's to dedicated cores or dedicated peripheral switch/bus.

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Budgeting for Video Transfer, archiving, editing and mastering to the web site

Posted by Adrian Freed on December 23, 2008

With experienced editors it takes between 3x and 10x the length of a video to transfer, archive, edit and master to the web site.

We still need some things to streamline the process:

A permanently installed DV player or camera - The older camera I have been borrowing for this no longer works with the latest FCP or iMovie.

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Users of the Interpolation Tools

Posted by Adrian Freed on December 22, 2008

Please add to this list of active users of Interpolation spaces:

David Wessel
Ali Momeni
Laetitia Sonami

Who else should we invite to the group to contribute and evaluate ideas?

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Posted by Adrian Freed on December 22, 2008

The primary goal is to develop interpolation tools for Max/MSP, PD and related environments.

Now that the remaining major problem with the current experimental patches and objects has been overcome (finding a suitable basis function and normalization) we can merge our work into a unified tool.

Here are some source implementation to study and draw from:

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Newton PDA Additive Synthesis Sound Demo for Gibson

Posted by Adrian Freed on October 16, 2008

Created for a Gibson-sponsored research project on September 24th 1993 and presented to Gibson at a meeting a few weeks later.

Sound synthesis on an SGI controlled by newtonscript application using serial protocol and precursor to OSC protocol: