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Timbral Control in the CNMAT Additive Synthesizer (CAST)

Posted by Adrian Freed on October 13, 2009

The CAST synthesizer was dismantled and reassembled in the form of various Max/MSP objects now available in the MMJ depot and externals downloads.
CAST implemented a precursor to OSC, inverse transform additive synthesis and the first plug-in architecture for spectra (BYO).
This page from the old CAST manual illustrates the name space for timbral control. It appears that both Matt Wright and I had a hand in this text:

CAST Transforms: Timbral Prototypes
revised 2/3/98

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CNMAT drupal 6.0 transition planning

Posted by Adrian Freed on September 10, 2009

I just reviewed our web site problem reports in the case/tracker systems especially those associated with HART, mmj depot and research activity workflows.

Then I scanned through about 500 drupal 6 modules and confirmed that actively used modules in drupal 6 exist to address most of our problems.

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touch keyboard

Posted by Adrian Freed on August 16, 2009

// Touch Synth
// Copyright 2009 Adrian Freed. All Rights Reserved

int speakerPin = 14;
int speakerPinbis = 15; // differential drive for extra loudness and lower power consumption

void setup()

pinMode(speakerPin, OUTPUT); // sets the speakerPin to be an output
pinMode(speakerPinbis, OUTPUT); // sets the other speakerPin to be an output


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recipe for analog and digital pull up control on arduino

Posted by Adrian Freed on July 26, 2009

//shorthands to turn on the built-in pullup resistors for each pin

inline void digitalPullup(byte pin, boolean b) { pinMode(pin, INPUT); digitalWrite(pin, b?HIGH:LOW); }
#if defined(__AVR_ATmega1280__)
inline void analogPullup(byte pin, boolean b) { digitalPullup(pin+54,b); }
inline void analogPullup(byte pin, boolean b) { digitalPullup(pin+14,b); }