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Gear Borrowing

All equipment that leaves the house needs to be reserved on the CNMAT reservation calendar. To do that, go to:

and login as:

user: cnmatreservation
password: reserve

Also, an exact list of all equipment leaving the house needs to be emailed to Even if I am there and help you pick out the gear, I need *you* to make this list. Also included in this list is an estimate of when you plan to return the gear.

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Parallel Programming Patterns in Music and Audio

Dense Linear Algebra:

- Filter-banks (e.g. compressor / expander); in hearing aids, EQ.
- Basic linear operations for massively-multi-channel arrays (many-channel arrays)
- Dimensionality reduction for control paradigms (e.g. PCA)
- Sensor integration

Sparse Linear Algebra:

- Spectral pruning
- Pitch extraction
- Concatenative synthesis?

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DAW on a Many-core System

I. Introduction

Software running on PCs has largely replaced the electronic and
electro-mechanical equipment previously used in audio and video

For example, Apple's Final Cut Pro is a software video editor that has
largely replaced hardware video editors for movie trailer and
television news production. In audio recording studios, analog tape

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Parallel Computation Applications Summary

MIR: parametric encodings of large audio databases for search, beat matched hybridisation, query by humming etc. Move from per song analysis to note and phrase level.
Audio and video render farms to individually watermark large media databases.

Sound Reproduction
Increased channel count in typical musical performances from 4-8 to 100's of speakers.

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Kickoff Retreat Notes


- Multicore to manycore
- Parallel Patterns, aka 13 Dwarfs
- Compelling applications for handhelds and Laptops



- Dataflow: pipe / filter
- Semantics of parallel engineering / architecture
- Verification by approximate equality to a serial version


- Verification by exhaustive testing / proof
- Combinatorial explosion

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People involved at CNMAT are from a wide range of disciplines and are drawn together by their common interest in exploring the world of music. The principals are specialists in musical composition, musical psychoacoustics and computer science.

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Facilities and Resources

CNMAT is located in historic Genevieve McEnerney Hall (once the headquarters
of 1750 Arch Records and the Arch Ensemble), on the hilly north edge of the
UC Berkeley Campus. The CNMAT facility includes research labs, seminar rooms, performance
spaces, offices, and digital audio recording, analysis and synthesis facilities.

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New Music Publications

Selected publications from CNMAT with a focus on new music composition, performance and perception:



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CNMAT's educational programs and online educational materials

CNMAT's educational programs includes a wide range of opportunities for UC Berkeley students and outside scholars, artists, and music lovers. CNMAT technologies support an expanding selection of courses offered through the Department of Music at UC Berkeley. Check under courses to see a full list of the undergraduate-level introductory course as well as the graduate-level seminars.

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Directions to CNMAT

We are located just north of the UC Berkeley main campus on Arch Street,
one block above Hearst.

1750 Arch Street
Berkeley, CA 94709

(510) 643 9990 Voice
(510) 642 7918 Fax

Local Map:

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Industrial Affiliates Program

Industrial and organizational support plays an important role in maintaining
the quality of research at the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies
(CNMAT) at the University of California at Berkeley. CNMAT recognizes the
importance of cooperation between industry and academia in maintaining the
vitality of both. In turn, many industrial firms recognize the valuable

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CNMAT was established by Professor Emeritus Richard Felciano in 1987. After the University of California acquired the 1750 Arch Street house and transformed its rooms into computer labs, recording studios, classrooms, offices, and a 50-seat performance space, the facility opened on July 1, 1989. This picture is from the earliest days before CNMAT's renovation:

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Getting Involved

Everyone can be involved in the exciting cultural, educational, musical
and technological projects happening at CNMAT in some capacity:

**Opportunities at CNMAT:**

  • Visiting scholars come for several months or years.
    Even though they often work on personal research, invariably they participate
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Matthew Wright's publications

Matthew Wright's Publications

Updated 1/7/2008

This is an annotated list of my publications. It's organized by topic in roughly
reverse chronological order. For papers available online, I've made the paper's
title be a link to the online version.(If html and pdf versions are both available,
the title links to html and then after the reference there's a separate link
to the pdf.)